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A Padrón is an official certificate required for many reasons in Spain, notably for keeping track of how many people are living in a certain area. The Padrón provides data to the local Town Hall for proof of residence. Everyone living in Spain, including non-native Spanish residents, must be registered in the local Padrón of the current place of residence. If you own multiple properties in Spain, you must be registered on the Padrón in the place where you live the most.


The Padrón is used for two main reasons:

  1. Census - This helps the local council to calculate how many residents are living full time in an area and in turn allow for upgrading or creation of services required in the area. For example, if you live in an area where 100,000 inhabitants live full time but only 75,000 residents are registered on the Padrón, then the regional & national government will believe that only 75,000 residents live in the area. Therefore, funding for the area will be limited at 75,000 residents and no more, meaning less services funded.

  2. Voting - This allows residents registered on the Padrón to vote in local & European elections, as long as you are registered on the Spanish Padrón. This will help the area that you live in to improve with more responsible political groups in charge. If registered properly on the Padrón, you will receive a letter to your current property address in Spain advising you where you need to go in order to vote.


There are not too many benefits from being on the Padrón, however these are very big benefits that do make a difference, including:

  • Health care - Obtain the full Spanish health care cover through Spanish residency (requires the Padrón).

  • EU Spanish residency - Become an EU resident from Spain.

  • Improved public services - The more registered residents in an area on the Padrón the better.


The Padrón is a very useful document that does not have to be renewed every so often and compliments other requirements, such as obtaining your:

  • EU Spanish residency.

  • Spanish driving license.

  • Pensioner’s card.

  • Health care.

  • School grants and registration.

  • Proof of residence.

and so much more.


The Padrón is not:

  • A form of ID.

  • A Spanish Residency.

  • A required document to keep in your vehicle.

  • Sometimes accepted as proof of residency.


You will need to go to your local Town Hall, of your current place of residence and ask them to do your Padrón and also register on the voting list. That’s it.

It is a good idea to bring many documents with you to the Padrón office that provide evidence of you living in Spain, including:

  • Work contract.

  • Active pensions.

  • Spanish bank account details.

  • Proof of address.

  • Property related documents (Rental contract/Deeds).

  • NIE number.

  • Original Passport copy.

Town Halls in the many regions in Spain complete Padróns in different ways because of the difference in local regulations. Therefore, it is a good idea to bring all of these documents with you in order to prevent you having to return again to the office. When in doubt, it is worth asking your local Town Hall for advice on what you do need to bring with you in order to complete your Padrón application.


If you need to change your driving license into Spanish or apply for EU Spanish residency, then your Padrón cannot be older than 3 months. Maintaining the Padrón is relatively simple. For full-time non-native residents in Spain, you need re-apply on the Padrón every five years. While Non-residents of Spain (living in Spain up to 183 days per year) need to re-apply on the Padrón every two years.


At PSI Consultants, our experienced legal, fiscal & visa experts can help you obtain full-time residency in Spain, whilst guiding you through the steps of obtaining the Padrón. Furthermore, we can help you obtain your NIE, which is required for the Padrón application and help with other requirements.

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