The impressive Spanish city of Murcia

The impressive Spanish city of Murcia

The city of Murcia has so much history, culture, lifestyle & tradition blended nicely together, and has great importance for the Muslim & Spanish communities. Murcia is the capital city of the Provincia de Murcia (Province of Murcia) of Murcia, Región de Murcia (Region of Murcia), which is a Comunidad Autónoma (autonomous community). Established under the statute of autonomy of June 9 (1982), it is located in the southeast of Spain near to the Mediterranean coast, and is bounded by the autonomous communities of Castile–La Mancha to the north, Valencia to the east, and Andalusia to the west.

What makes the city of Murcia just so impressive?


The impressive scale of intense history, iconic tradition, super mix of cultures and the strategic location of the city of Mucria is one of the Mediterranean’s formidable city’s. With its territory bordered between Meseta and Andalusia, Murcia city retains innumerable vestiges of the past, making it an ideal meeting-point where History and tradition have been instilled with new life and placed at the visitor's disposal.

The city has an average size of 4,370 sq miles (11,321 sq km) with an average population of 1.2 million residents. Making this city a lovely big place to explore without feeling too cramped. There is a deep mix of the Arabic & Spanish cultures, Murica was once a stronghold for the Moors when they had occupied this half of Spain.


There are ten places that you need to visit in Murcia city, including:


1). Catedral de Murcia

The Cathedral Church of Saint Mary in Murcia, commonly referred to as the Cathedral of Murcia, was constructed in 1465 and has the architectural style of Gothic, Renaissance & Baroque.

Location - Murcia city centre.


2). Real Casino de Murcia

One of the most emblematic buildings of Murcia city, the real Casino de Murcia resides not far from the cathedral and completed construction in 1847.

Location - Murcia city centre.


3). Plaza de las Flores

Part of the old town and encased with shops, coffee shops, trees & wooden benches, this charming public square has flower stalls that surround the central fountain. Hence the name ‘Plaza de las Flores’.

Location - East of Murcia city centre.


4). Jardín De Floridablanca

Erected in 1786 and reformed in 1849, this wonderful public garden is the oldest garden in the Murcia city. The garden is situated in the exotic neighbourhood of Carmen with the Segura River complimenting it.

Location - South of Murcia city centre.


5). Monasterio de Santa Clara

Occupying what used to be the old Alcázar Seguir Muslim minor palace from the 13th century, the now museum of Monasterio de Santa Clara is one of the most important historical buildings in the city. There are remains of the once Arab palace that hosts Islamic art from Murcia. The now monastery has a Gothic cloister & a Baroque church.

Location - Murcia city centre.


6). Castillo de Monteagudo

Nestled in an impressive rocky point that rises 149 m above sea level, this magnificent 11th century fortress has an Islamic heritage embedded in its walls. Dominating the entire Huerta de Murcia region with its strategic position, the Segura River waters the fortress & the rest of the region of Murcia.

Location - North East of Murcia city.


7). Museo Arqueológico

Situated within the old Provincial Museum that was created by Royal Order of the Ministry of Development in 1864, the Archaeological Museum of Murcia was founded in 1953. The institution showcases an array of archaeological & historic art for different eras and cultures.

Location - Murcia city centre.


8). Terra Natura Murcia

Inaugurated in 2007, this zoo is part of a larger complex that includes a water park. Protecting around 500 animals of 400 different species, some of them in danger of extinction, the enclosure recreates the natural habitat of the animals. Among the facilities are recreated natural sites and architectural enclaves from different parts of the world.

Location - North West of Murcia city.


9). Carrascoy y el Valle

A vast, green & flourishing regional nature park, Carrascoy y el Valle has an integrated chain of extensive mountains that close the Valley of the Segura river and a part of the valley of Guadalentín by the south, encompassing a total surface area of approximately 16,724 hectares.

Location - South of Murcia city.


10). Teatro Circo Murcia

Constructed in 1889 & served as a theater, cinema, circus and entertainment venue, the restored Teatro Circo reopened in 2011 as a theatrical and concert hall.

Location - Murcia city centre.


Murcia is one of the most amazing places to truly admire, with a diversity of natural settings and many locations of historic architectures, while including a rich printed fabric upon which history has been depicted for our contemplation. There are abundant remains and archaeological sites, not forgetting ancient cave rock-paintings that date back to the Iberian period. Furthermore, there is a surplus of historical adventures to embrace, with the Roman antiquity fused with urbanistic refinement and combining Visigothic & Arabic styling. Visiting Mrucia will also allow you experience the Christian castle, watch-towers, churches & temples, civil and military constructions.


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